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We brought together leaders from the world of energy networks and from digital infrastructure.

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Recorded 20th June, 2017 , San Francisco


Staying Smart

Online services are expanding and developing rapidly, making data centers a fundamental part of the infrastructure supporting human society. According to Jim Connaughton, a former presidential environmental adviser now working for Nautilus Data Technologies: “They are the foundation of the new economy.”


But data centers are intrinsically fast moving.


The IT equipment is replaced every three to five years, and the cloud applications running on it can have a lifetime of months. This Protean package ironically depends on a much less flexible life support system: the electricity grid.


“Energy investments are intrinsically generational in length, or you can never make them pay for themselves,” explained Don Paul of the University of Southern California Energy Institute. “But the digital world, which is wrapped around that now, like two strands of DNA, is cycling around at ten times the rate.”

This is an excerpt from an article by Peter Judge

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DCD>Energy Smart | Stockholm
We will be exploring the European perspective on the digital infrastructure energy challenge on 13th March, 2018

A lot of people are asking if data centers use too much energy. The real issue is bigger: Can data centers and the energy supply industry work together to deliver electricity and online services which meet our needs… without costing the earth?


Ten years ago, a report from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) warned that data center power usage was out of control. Last year an updated report found that energy use by US data centers has actually leveled off. But there is a lot more to the story than that, according to senior executives from both the data center and the power industries, who gathered for DCD’s first Energy Smart Summit in San Francisco in June.

Data centers’ insatiable demand for power may actually be just what the utility grids need – and the thing that has to change is not the infrastructure but the people.

“With the smart grid going forward we need to serve data customers with renewable energy, and not just maintain power quality but improve power quality and reliability.”

Leanne Swanson

Southern California Edison

Chapter 1

Do we curb energy

demand or feed it?


Chapter 2

Roundtable #1 

Smart energy utilities and interconnected convergence with the digital infrastructure ecosystem

Leanne Swanson

Southern California Edison

Dean Nelson

Uber Compute

Prof. Donald Paul

USC Energy Institute

Adam Kramer


Dr. Priscilla Johnson


David Rinard


“Energy investments are intrinsically generational in length, or you can never make them pay for themselves. But the digital world, which is wrapped around that now, like two strands of DNA, is cycling around at ten times the rate.”

Don Paul

University of Southern California Energy Institute

James Connaughton


Gary Demasi


Dr.Julie Albright

Bruce A. Taylor


David Murray


Mark Mills

Manhattan Institute

Susanna Kass


Peter Gross
Bloom Energy

Dr. Mukesh Khattar


Chapter 3

Roundtable #2 

Smart data center + sustainability

“With backup power systems and demand response schemes data centers can effectively erase themselves from the grid at critical moments.”

David Murray 

President of Distribution


Patrick Flynn


Kelly Gallo

BSR Future of Internet Power

Susanna Kass


Tod Sword

SCE Consulting

Bruce Myatt

CLEAResult Consulting

Dave Leonard


Jakob Carnemark

Aligned Energy

Jay Taylor

Schneider Electric

John Sheputis

Infomart Data Centers

Keith Klesner

Uptime Institute

Timothy Berg

IID Energy

Dale Sartor


David Murray



Chapter 4

Roundtable #3 

Borderlands- emerging digital energy and the data center

“In 2016, in Las Vegas, Switch accounted for the entire growth in a large rate class which includes a lot of casinos. The growth rate was one percent.”
Adam Kramer
Vice President Strategy

Mukesh Khattar 


Garrick Rochow

Consumers Energy

David Murray


Adam Kramer


Martin Otterson


Jason Van Gaal

ROOT Data Center

Rich Miller

Data Center Frontier

Marvin Rowell


Chris Hiller

Duke Energy/REC Solar

Shawn Mills

Green House Data

Killian Tobin

Omega Grid

Mark Feasel

Schneider Electric


Chapter 5

Picture Gallery

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